Discover the difference of Integrated Wellness.

What is integrated wellness?

The body to me is an incredible tool that communicates with us, works with us and often can work against us. When our body starts to work against us it is usually because we need to pay attention. Physically we may need to rebuild our core foundation of strength and flexibility, emotionally we may need to release what no longer serves us, and spiritually we may need to find passion for life again.

Who are my clients?

After the age of thirty five our bodies start to change, this affects how we live our lives. The years pass and our joints, muscles and ligaments become less forgiving. However they have a memory of when they were at their best, and we can utilize this incredible intelligence to regain mobility. My practice is predominately working with individuals in this stage of life, we are not able to stop the aging process but we sure can slow it down.

What I am most passionate about:

I am passionate about sharing my knowledge so you feel like you are able to understand why you are in pain, and give you the tools you need to support yourself. These tools are in many forms, yet when you work with me I promise to provide you with the ones that will aid you the most.

Continuing Education and Learning:

Every year I continue to take courses to offer the most up to date information and training. Drawing on all 2500 hours of training, I integrate that knowledge into each of the offerings I have here at Gaia Acres. Come discover the integrated wellness approach and the difference quality knowledgeable care provides. 

Your Practitioner

Cambria McKenzie Volonte, FIS, PTS, 200YT, EPC, Rki1-2, RDT

How I support my Clients:

Welcome to my Integrated Wellness Studio, here I hope you find what you need to be your best version of health and wellness. I have spent the last 15 years gaining the tools I use today. They are not one form of training, but many certifications that each have their place and use. I utilize each of them when working with my clients, however most commonly a person comes for one service, and then find’s their path to wellness after that.

Certifications & Training

CPR-C Renewed Annually

2019 – Postural Imbalance Certification

2019 – Conflict Resolution Certification

2019 – Post Rehab Specialist (underway)

2018 – Raynor Therapeutic Massage Diploma

2018 – Raynor Therapeutic Massage Certification

2017 – Core Anatomy and Deep Function Workshop Certificate

2017 – Deep stabilizer or the Hips and Glutes Certificate

2016 - Bosu Ball & Swiss Ball Training

2015 - Gel Nail Tech Certification

2015 - Lower Back & Spine Rehabilitation

2014- 200HR RYT Yoga

2013 - Zumba Basic

2013 - Yogafit Level 1 Vinyasa

2012 - Canfit Pro Personal Trainer

2012 - Canfit Pro Fitness Instructor

2010 - 1100Hr Massage Therapy

Canadian College Of Massage

2009 - Erickson College Life Coach

2006 - Equissage Equine Massage Therapist

2004 - Usui Reiki Level 1 & 2 Practitioner