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Certified Equine Massage

Since 2006

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Certified Equine Massage

Your horse and you have a connection, one that suspends you above the earth not only physically but emotionally to. Your horse carries you, they support you and they teach you.

Our horses bodies have the ability to become imbalanced, and as we ride them they become our legs. Often what physical imbalances we have our horse have the opposite. These create limited movement, pain, shyness, reaction and in extreme cases total lameness. Then we have this incredible body that can have its own injuries and conformational defects that can cause them pain when riding, when walking or just when living.

What does a treatment involve?

In my treatments I offer the following:

Gait analysis and postural assessment for both horse and rider

Muscular assessment and imbalance testing

Myofascial treatments

Deep Tissue treatments

Trigger point therapy

Each treatment is done at the horses location to limit trailering.

Equine Massage Pricing:

60 minute treatment: $100.00

Please allow 15 minutes on either side of treatment for assessment and remedial exercise. Total treatment length 90 minutes. 

Horse & Rider Programs

How can your horse have fluidity, balance and mobility if you do not, you are a team. In this program I work with both horse and rider. The assessments, hands on treatments and exercises for both will give you and your equine partner the upper edge in whatever discipline you choose.

Please contact me for pricing as each pair is unique.