Integrated wellness through ancient healing & ​coaching.


This ancient treatment has been utilized for healing for over 3000 years. We work the with the reflexology points in the foot that reflect the organs, joints and physical systems. When doing so we can release blockages that could be causing illness, disease or tension. Your feet can tell us a lot about these different systems as well. With this treatment we are moving the chi (life force energy) in your body so it can support itself to heal. These treatments include a foot soak and foot massage.

60 minute: $60.00 

Reiki Healing

Reiki is a universal energy system that is available to each and every living thing on earth, including humans. For most this treatment is relaxing, peaceful and can support your emotional and physical being to heal. For some they know what they would like to release and so we work with the chakras that support those beliefs or habits. Reiki is a place for your being to heal, to find balance through chakra (energy centres) balancing and a place for you to feel peaceful.

60 minute: $60.00

90 minute: $90.00 (chakra balancing included) 

Energy Coaching

Energy coaching utilizes Life Coaching, Reiki Energy and Holographic healing. I work with you on a personal level using a proactive and positive approach to solving what you need to release to live a happier life. These blockages have a root cause an experience that has emotion stored at its core. Using the reiki energy and holographic healing we can not only uncover, understand but we can re-establish and clear past trauma, addictions and ailments. This process is unique to you, once you have released we work at rediscovering how you can support yourself forward in life, in authenticity and in happiness.

60 minute: $60.00

90 minute: $90.00​ 

These sessions can be done over the phone with distance healing or in person at Gaia Acres.