2 Day Integrated Wellness Retreat

September 14 & 15 10am - 4:30pm @ Gaia Acres Integrated Wellness Retreat

Come immerse yourself in 2 days of Integrated Wellness.

The coming of autum calls for an external shift in the enviroment we live in as well as within ourselves. It is a time of turning inwards, releasing what has come and gone, shifting into a slower pace for the seasons to come.

Finding peace, stillness and presence in this 2 day retreat will encourage you to discover areas of your life that require reflection, renewal and release. You will enjoy an​d experience multiple styles of yoga, meditation as well as tools for rehabilitation for your mind and body. Included in the retreat is one 60 minute private session of your choice massage, reflexology or energy coaching. 

Release into Peace Restorative Yoga 

Hands on assists, massage & doTerra Essential Oils

Responsibility for yourself....

This retreat will be focused on developing new ways within yourself to cope with change, challenges and life. Establish and create deep rooted understanding around your past and how you can show up and take responsiblity for your experiences. This shift will support you in areas such as dealing with conflict, challenging life choices, stress or depression to name a few. 

Integrated with full being wellness tips, education and experiences, you will be encouraged to show up for yourself, for change and to find new ways to move forward in your life, with yourself and those around you. 

To Register for your Integrated wellness retreat....

Included in your retreat:

• 2 days of yoga, rehabilitation fitness, education, coaching, adventure, nature and wellness.

• Afternoon snack both days and tea

• 60 min One on One Session of your choice: Massage, Energy Coaching or Reflexology.

• Journal, pen, balancing bracelet with semi-precious stones.

Cost: $325.00 

Maximum 4 participants, to ensure one on one care and individual support.

To reserve your spot please send $75.00 Deposit to [email protected]

Once you send in your deposit we will schedule your one on one appointment.

Full payment is required by September 1, 2019 and no Refunds will be given past this date. 

 Commit to yourself, for change, for life and for wellness

Accommodation, Travel and Area information:

If you are participating from out of town please feel free to contact me for a list of accommodations.

For any other inquiries please call or email: cambria.volo[email protected] or 250-706-3912 

What others say about their Integrated wellness experience....

This weekend, I made new friends......

This weekend, I made new friends, learned new self care techniques, spent time disconnected, with nature and my senses. I discovered new places, that were beyond what we would describe as beautiful.

These places held energy, lessons, new experiences, and taught me so much about what I was lacking in building a strong and happy life.

I met four beautiful souls who shared their stories and experiences, who gave their knowledge and wisdom.

I learned many ways of redirecting my thought patterns, how to feel at peace, what to look forward to, and how to maneuver or deal with the obstacles that I am running into in life.

For anyone looking for a 'reboot' as Tanya would have called it, or simply some guidance in life. I highly recommend making the time and finding a way regardless of your current situation to do a wellness retreat. Because if you don't start taking care of yourself - who the heck will?

This was not a vacation by any means. But a healing and restoration experience.

I look forward to more time with Cambria (our teacher) in the future and hopefully can connect with the amazing people I was so lucky to have the pleasure meeting, again. 

Until we meet again, namaste. 🙏💕

C. Chelsea   Quesnel BC